OBA Friendship Cup

OBA Friendship Cup Tournament Schedule and Rules
(Double and Mix Double Age 18+)

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Objective: This Badminton Tournament is designed for fun, to make friends, to socialize and to win prizes. We strive to bring awareness and raise the popularity of this wonderful sport to our community. Welcome to join us to start your fun badminton adventure here @OBA!

Sign up for the tournament is FREE for everyone*

Time schedule:

Date: from August 2th to September 1th, then Final Play Off Date: September 3rd for the Top 8 Ranking players

  • Every Tuesday 7:30PM-9:45PM (Draw by Lot Twice)
  • Every Thursday 7:30PM-9:45PM (Draw by Lot Twice)
  • Every Sunday 14:45PM-18:00PM (Draw by Lot Three times)

Important Notice: Please come ON TIME on the tournament dates!


OBA Gym @Court 5, 6 and 7

Game rules:

21 Points system with 2 out of 3 games to win the match
Everybody draws by lot to determine who is your teammate.

Score rules:

  • Every new player begins with initial 100 points. Any new player (member or nonmember) can sign up and join the tournament at any scheduled dates before Final Play Off Date @OBA office for FREE.
  • Team Points = Player A’s points + Player B’s points
  • Winning Team player’s Points are calculated by the following rules:
    • Each Winning Team Player earns: Winning Points 10 + 1 Participation Point per Match
    • An Additional rule applies ONLY to the Winning Team when they have lower Team Points than their opponent team:
      • the Winning Points = 10, when the Team Points between the two teams is <= 50;
      • the Winning Points = 20, when 50< the Team Points between the two teams is <=100;
      • the Winning Points = 10xN, N=integer of points difference between the two teams divided by 50;

Please Notice: Each player will earn 1 participation point regardless win or loss in each match.
No negative points used in the Score rules! The Player’s points are accumulated; every match is

*Drop-in fee for non-member still applies

OBA Friendship Cup Prizes:
OBA is proud to announce Mo Cha Tea Hous­e sponsored OBA Friendship Cup Tournament. Mo Cha Tea House makes the best bubbl­e tea in town and are located in Big Al’s Progress Ridge Townsquare, Beaverton.

  • Top 8 ranking players will receive Mo ­Cha Tea House’s certificate to taste their bubble tea.
  • The Champion team will receive OBA Fri­endship Cup Trophy and a total of $100 cash plus 6 OBA free day passes ($60 valu­e)
  • The Runner-up team will receive 6 OBA ­free day passes ($60 value) and two RSL ­Shuttle tubes (~$46 value)
  • 3rd place team will receive 6 OBA free­ day passes ($60 value)


      Final’s will be held on 3rd September 20­15 at 8:00pm.
      Only Top 8 ranking players will qualify ­to play in the final tournament. If some­one is unable to attend, the next rankin­g player will automatically qualify to p­lay.
      OBA Friendship Cup Trophy will stay with­ the winning team and then will be passe­d to next winning team in next tournamen­t round.
      Mo Cha Tea House is remodeling and it will open soon.