Junior Program

  • Health and fitness concepts (endurance, balance, agility and power)
  • Develop correct skills and techniques (grip, footwork, hand-eye coordination)
  • Competitive and team work and development
  • Discipline, sportsman spirit, respect and responsibilities
  • Court and badminton rules
  • Basic and advance game strategies and skills
  • Fun and enjoying the sport
  • Junior tournaments and participations at State, Regional and Jr. Nationals
  • Tournament strategies and professional techniques
  • Mental and physical control and strength

Adult Lessons

  • Cardio and fitness exercises
  • Grip (forehand, backhand), Hand eye coordination, basics
  • Improve your shots (clears, drops, smash, lifts, drives)
  • Body balance and footwork
  • Mindset
  • Lots of drills
  • Fun and games (singles/doubles)

Private Lessons

  • Tailored for 1:1, 2:1 or 4:1 groups
  • For junior and adult players based on their availability

Call us at 503-430-7861 for more information

or email us at info@orbadminton.com

Class schedules

Monday5 to 6PMJunior and Adult (side by side)
Wednesday7 to 8PMJunior
Friday6 – 7PMJunior
Saturday9 to 10AMJunior
Sunday10 to noonAdult
Sunday3 to 4PMJunior
Sunday4 to 5PMJunior
Sunday5 to 6PMJunior