Kids Lesson Sign Up

Oregon Badminton Academy -- Kids Coaching Program

  • Kids coaching program:

  • Kids coaching program:
    • Open enrollment at any time of the year
    • Missed sessions can be made up in the next class cycle
    • Each class is a series of 12 sessions. $100 for Member and $160 for non-Member
    • Each class include both beginner and advanced groups based on coaches’ discretion
    • Excused sessions can be made up in the same week or credited towards next class cycle
    • Excused sessions must be forecasted at the time of signing up
    • Classes are nonrefundable nor transferable
    • Shuttlecocks are provided and students must bring their own rackets and non-marking shoes

    Class Syllabus:
    Session 1-2Racket grip & forehand hitting
    Session 2-3Service & footwork
    Session 4-5Racket swing and hitting
    Session 6-10Drop, Clear, Smash and Drive
    Session 11-12Rotation & Game strategy
    Above syllabus are general guideline and detailed training plan is based on principle coaches' decision*