Gym & Court Rules


Wear Non-marking shoes only on court
No children under 6 years old allowed on court
All games are played in 21 points

Follow the protocol of Court Rotation System and Name Board System whenever they apply

Challenge Court

  • Challenge court players may remain on court until they lose or need to break
  • Challenge court play can be either singles or doubles game

Beginner Priority Court

  • Parents with Children (12 or under) or beginners have priority to play on these courts
  • Please follow the court rotation system and limit play to 20 minutes when other parents with kids or beginners are waiting

Reservation Court

  • Our court reservation system allows your party to play continuously for 60, 90, or 120 minutes without having to rotate with other players
  • Price: $20 per hour for a maximum of 4 players per court (members receive a 20% discount)
  • Reservations must be made at least 4 hours before play time. Please call 503-430-7861 to make your reservation

Safety is first for players and spectators at OBA

  • Don’t touch any of electric panels
  • Emergency fire alarm system is set up in the gym; emergency light will light up to show the ways for exit
  • The Kids under 12 must be with the parents or guardian in the gym, except for taking lessons and participating in after-school progam
  • Kids under 12 must be picked up by parent or guardian to leave the gym

Make the gym environment clean for practice

  • Wear proper sport wears and no jeans
  • Wear badminton shoes for your safety play
  • No black sole and Non-Marking sole shoes must be indoor shoes
  • Pick up your used birdie and put into the birdie trashcan
  • No littering in the gym

Unauthorized private lessons are prohibited