Please use following link to reserve courts (play is only through this reservation system at this time)
Monday through Friday - 4PM to 9PM
Saturday - 8AM to 9PM
Sunday - 9AM to 8PM

We are very excited to inform you that we have moved to a new location and are partnering with another existing business and sharing the space. We are open for business at a new location from this weekend (8/8/20) and are looking forward to welcoming you all.

Our new physical location is located at the intersection of Murray Blvd and Millikan Blvd and is located in Millikan Business Center. The address of this location is:
Oregon Badminton Academy
14523 SW Millikan Way # 110, Beaverton, OR 97005

This facility has wooden courts with green mats on top of it and Air conditioning with 30+ feet ceiling height along with the rest rooms. For now we plan to start with 3 courts and within the next few weeks add 3 more. Note that water fountains are closed for use during COVID-19. No outside food is allowed inside the facility.

1) Due to COVID-19 we are still continuing the court reservation system and limited hours. All memberships will remain frozen through the COVID-19 pandemic.
2) We have completed the setup for 3 courts and 3 more are work in progress
3) Our reservation system is now open and after this weekend it will be open for Friday evening through Sunday evening. This weekend it will be open on Saturday and Sunday. We will be looking at advance reservations to plan capacity (48+ hrs) and cleaning schedule. We also heard feedback from you and are listening to you where you would like an option for 5 or 6 people to play together instead of only 4. We have recently implemented that option in our system. Check it out.
4) We are requiring all players to wear a mask when possible. We are strictly enforcing this rule. If you are not wearing a mask as you enter the facility we will request you to leave and get your mask or you will have an option to purchase one with a cash option. Note no refunds will be given if you forget to bring a mask and decide not to purchase one. We also have Yonex Sports Face Masks that we ran out of stock in less than 5 days. You are welcome to place a pre-order online and we will be getting those back in stock at the end of August or beginning of September. Here is the link to Yonex Sports Face Mask (AC-480)
5) Shuttles/Grips/Racket/shoes purchases: We are for now keeping it all online and you can pick it up from OBA in person. Requires 24 hours advance purchase.
6) Coaching program will continue on weekends at this time. Look out for specific instructions for coaching program to coaching program kids/parents

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the new facility from this weekend. Make your reservations now.


Often treated as a backyard sport in the US, Badminton doesn’t get the media exposure rendered to baseball, basketball and other professional sports. Yet, it is the world's fastest and most demanding racquet sport. It requires strength, speed, agility, coordination, strategy, concentration, and teamwork (for doubles).

At Oregon Badminton Academy, we are a team of badminton fanatics aiming to build a state-of-art facility for both pros and amateurs. We strive to bring awareness, and raise the popularity of this wonderful sport to this great city of diversity that encompasses endless possibility. We welcome players of all ages and levels to come play, learn, socialize and just have fun. So whether you are a beginner, a pro, or somewhere in-between OBA is for you.